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We are a 100% Italian contemporary brand that aims to become a reference point for those who feel ready to avoid any stereotype and gender classification, embracing the values of freedom of expression and inclusivity in a fashion combination of respectability and nonconformism.

Our first collection, strictly genderless, invites you to discover a fictitious college with a futuristic and dystopian climate in which students wear preppy looks both in the sunlight and on the most transgressive and secret nights.

All our fabrics and materials, as well as all our accessories, are made entirely in Italy. We favor high quality and our Italian craftsmanship over large-scale production. We focus on a limited offer of products (by drops) but created with great care and attention.

We do not neglect any detail of our garments: starting from the choice of our 100% cotton jersey with a significant weight (400 gr / ml for t-shirts and 630 gr / ml for diagonal sweatshirts without brushing), to the 100% cotton double-thread piquet for polo shirts with mother-of-pearl buttons, to the choice of materials used for thickened prints (and not trivial transfers),  to the placed prints (and not simple "allover"), to the thickened three-dimensional embroideries, to the branding present on each garment.

Our outmost attention is also on accessories, entirely produced in Italy: our cotton and cashmere beanie made unique by its fit and application design; our baseball hat with three-dimensional embroidery wearable in several versions, belts and harnesses with thick embroidery, super light jewelry, made entirely in Milan, nickel free.   


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